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Dual frequency laser interferometer ZLM700/800

The dual-frequency Laser Interferometer system ZLM 800 continues a long tradition in the manufacture of laser interferometers in Jena. The proven scale jeremia properties of stabilized he-ne gas laser are combined with the most modern electronics to a novel Laser-interferometric measuring system.

Programmable ASIC devices allow completely new possibilities for the technical realization of customer requirements.

The possibilities of the ZLM 800 to complete control systems for machines ranging from the solo calibration system using multi-axis positioning devices and systems can be fully assessed and evaluated through the comfortable WINDOWS ™ software user-specific.

The solution of all measuring tasks are evaluated interferometrically possible laser garantees the ZLM 800 as a completely modular system with best Zeiss Optics modules:

ZLM - Vibrationsmessung
  • Position
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Angle
  • Vibration
  • Straightness
  • Squareness
  • Flatness
  • Alignment

Principle of operation

The patented operating principle of the developed dual-frequency Laser Interferometer system ZLM 800 is based on dual-frequency heterodyne technique of the he-ne gas laser. The beat frequency 640 MHz of the two modes of the laser on 0.002 ppm thermally stabilized is quadrupled to signal processing. This high frequency signal processing enables measurements at very high object speeds without interpolation errors and extremely low signal delays. Fibre-optic cables are used for transmission of the measuring signal of the Interferometer optics to the measured value acquisition electronics on the PC card so that signal interference due to electromagnetic environmental influences are excluded. The field of application of the ZLM 800, thus, also ranging from the rough industrial environment on measurement conditions high vacuum.

As an alternative to the PC card a separate electronic unit with numerous interfaces and the measured value output for use in closed circuits offered for measurement signal processing. This version is upgradable up to 6 axes.

Dual frequency laser interferometer system ZLM 800 - 4Axes

Advantages of the ZLM

  • Measuring object speeds up to 12 m/s
  • Interpolation error free resolution 1.25 nm (plane mirror Interferometer resolution 0.625 nm, double plane mirror Interferometer 0.3 nm)
  • No acceleration limit
  • Reliable signal acquisition at minimal light output
  • Signal delay time <= 100ns
  • Frequency stability over the entire lifetime of the laser
  • Immunity to electromagnetic interference
  • Suitable for high vacuum, best Zeiss Optics

The secure way to measure

The ZLM 800 offers a certified urements with safety and ease of use to perform safely and securely in accordance with the ISO 9000 / 9004 all measuring tasks.

The ZLM 800 is the safe way to trade fairs, the key to solving your measuring tasks.

The ISO 9000 / 9004 is the basis for the creation of a uniform quality assurance system in the world. This means documented conscience and proven quality. Measurements under that provision guarantee the quality of each company.

The reliability of a measurement is crucial by the measuring equipment and determined its condition by the people. Here, the alignment error of the measuring system plays a crucial role.

With the new adjustment help to minimize the alignment error of the entire measuring system allows the ZLM 800 software. Two 4-quadrant receivers built into the laser measuring head, one each for measurement and reference beam, ensure an optimal adjustment of the measuring system to the test object. The large monitor display enables a precise alignment of the laser measuring system.

The advantages of this alignment are:

  • Set-up time reduction through display of the alignment accuracy of the system
  • Simple alignment of the laser measuring head even with complex measurement setups
  • Maximum safety in the performance of the measuring tasks

The smart way to measure

Programmable ASIC electronics building blocks are the basis of the signal processing of the ZLM 800. Measuring tasks where the interplay of various control signals is essential, are easily solved with the dual-frequency Laser Interferometer system ZLM 800.

The ZLM 800 offers the possibility to link a second, strange counting system. Thus, the comparison to measuring device and Laser Interferometer system is a time-saving Normal measuring task in real time signal coupling. The evaluation is done according to standard national as fulcrum.

The advantage of the laser measuring system as most accurate scale that provides documented readings, is connected to the ZLM 800 to the ideal calibration and documenting device through easy handling.

Evaluation standards

  • VDI / DGQ 3441
  • DIN / ISO 230
  • VDI / VDE 2617
ESOX-Software - Evaluation standards

The exact way to measure

The ZLM 800 measuring system offers a resolution of 2.5 nm at an uncertainty better 0.1 µm/m already in the standard configuration. Must the environmental conditions, especially the material temperature with the automatic environmental compensator AUK 500 (weather station) exactly captured and measuring space conditions prevail.

The calibration of length measuring machines and comparators is used to the routine work.

The influence of the characteristics of air on the measurement result can be corrected with the automatic environmental compensator AUK 500 or by manual entry. Up to 5 material temperature sensors can be used to the extent of the measurement object.

The comfortable way to measure

The dual-frequency laser displacement encoder ZLM 800 with WINDOWSTM - evaluation software provides high measurement accuracy and comfort from value. You can freely access tables, graphics, and data integration and take full advantage of the Windows ™ programs. Position, angle or straightness measurements, the WINDOWSTM software developed at Carl Zeiss Jena integrates with all Microsoft Windows ™ systems. Measuring, evaluating, documenting and storing the data is customer-specific and user-friendly in minimal time.

In program development, great attention was placed on the documentation of the measurement results. With the built-in Protocol Editor, charts, tables, and your own comments to a log can be collected and printed. All log contents can be exported via the Clipboard in word processors.

The most important information are displayed prominently during the preparation and implementation of a measurement. All program functions are fast with the mouse or accessible with just a few buttons.

For the evaluation of a measurement, a variety with little operating effort different charts and tables can be generated. Even the smallest detail is not hidden the evaluation program.

Archiving of measured data takes place on index cards. Even with large data archives can be found again quickly the data of a measurement with the label on the tab.

Supreme performance class of interferometric length measurement


  • To document
  • Certification
  • Optimize

Calibration, position, alignment

  • Machine error compensation
  • Spindle pitch errors compensation
  • Split error checking

Open loop controlling

  • Motion analysis
  • Dynamic behavior
  • Error compensation
Technical data
Mean wavelength of He-Ne laser in vacuum
632,8 nm
Stability of wavelength
2*10-9 for one hour
2*10-8 for lifetime
Beam diameter
6mm (optionally 3,2mm)
maximum power of the exiting beam
1mW (Laser class 2)
Number of axes of measurement per laser
1 to optionally 6
Measuring range distance measurement
up to 40m, optionally up to 120m
Angle measurement range
± 15° up to 20m length
Straightness measurement measuring range
± 5mm of 2m length or 10m length
Maximum travel speed

4m/s, optionally 16m/s
Resolution of distance measurement
Corner cube reflector
Plane mirror reflector

2,5nm (optionally 0,6nm)
1,25nm (optionally 0,3nm)
Resolution angle measurement
Resolution straightness measurement
145nm of 10m
29nm of 2m
Quadrature signals
32bit (Realtime)
Δt ≈ 20ns
Extern trigger
Conditions of use
15°C ... 30°C
Optics / High vacuum
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